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Centos 8/9 Stream and AlmaLinux images for WSL

For the ones like me, interested in running Linux systems on windows for many automation or administration tasks, I am sharing here the images i’ve found: Centos7/8/9 Stream: AlmaLinux (Centos Replacement equivalent to RHEL): The latest one is a direct link to the microsoft store.

Ansible playbook to configure Azure Red Hat VM’s

In todays post I am going to share an ansible playbook to configure a new VM recently launched. This playbook contains the following: Change Admin password Create linux Group Add user to several groups Create a new user with specific salted password (Check point 3 for generating the hashed salt) Find all the mounted disks …

HowTo run (Any Linux) Centos8 inside windows 10

Since some time ago, windows ships with something called WSL or Windows subsystem for linux. This allows windows users to run linux images withouth having to physically install linux, running cygwin or running vm’s or docker containers with linux. So it’s quite practical. And the good part is that from within the linux shell you …